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Engine Building

"Whether you're looking for a little more 'umph' to beat up on your buddies, or a full race-spec competition engine, we've got you covered"...


JC Racing offers a variety of race-proven & street driven engine packages. We specialise in RX8 engine re-builds, 12A and 13B rotary engine re-build, 4 cylinder and V8 engine re-builds.


We like to lower the costs to our customers by using as many serviceable parts from their existing engine as possible. As every engine (and its application) is different, please call Johnny to discuss details about your options in detail. HE can help you decide what best suits your application.


Below is a rough guideline of what we have on offer:

12A and 13B Rotary Engine Re-Builds - Prices starting from as low as $5,200 +gst

We will re-build your engine with JCR apex seals, a high volume oil pump, machining and balancing.

13B Complete Ready to Go Engine - Prices starting from $6,200 +gst

If your current engine is "junk" and has little or no serviceable parts, JC Racing can provide you with a complete engine that is ready to go. Call Johnny today to see what is readily available.

20B Rotary Engine Re-Builds - Please call for a quote

We will re-build your engine with JCR apex seals, a high volume oil pump, machining, balancing and Racing Beat bearings.

RX8 Engine Re-Builds - Complete engine re-build from $8,800 +gst

Package includes full re-build with machining, balancing, competition Race Beat bearings, high volume oil pump, competition JC Racing apex seals, re-faced or new rotor housings - depending on serviceable parts.

Race Ready Engines - Prices start from $10,000 +gst

All components of our "7 second" race ready engines are brand new. Available porting: bridge port, semi peripheral port, full peripheral port

4 Cylinder and V8 Engine Re-Builds - Prices starting from $5,200 +gst

Price includes machining, balancing, full head re-conditioning, competition bearings, all new gaskets and seals, high volume oil pump and new rings. Extras that can be added are: billet rods & crank, forged pistons, race rings, race head gasket, head stud kit, titanium valves & sleeves and billet & alloy blocks.



Dyno Tuning

Some of Australia's fastest Sport Compact Drag Racing cars and Burnout Champions have been tuned on our Dyno!

Our race workshop has its own Dyno room where you can watch your car being tuned and we can also video your experience. Dyno tuning allows us to give your vehicle a tune-up of unparalleled quality. This method of tuning provides you with the smoothest, most economical performance possible from your vehicle.

with all the latest tuning software we can do a custom tune specific to your car or you can hire the Dyno and do your own.


BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL - For rates / bookings - call John on 02 9316 9890

Custom Fabrication

JC Racing now offers full in-house fabrication facilities. This part of our business can make you anything your heart desires.

Everything from crazy scissor doors to full roll cages to mini tubbs or even 3/4 chassis's. We even fabricate over flow bottles, alloy radiators and intercoolers, fuel systems, racing suspension, custom dashes and full exhaust systems.

All our custom work is done under one roof so we are able to offer the highest level of quality.  We oversee every aspect of your build to make sure its right the first time.

Whatever the design may be, our experienced metal fabricatior can make your wildest dreams a reality. There is no limit to what we can do...

JC Prestige Services

JC Prestige Car Services caters to the luxury car owner who is passionate about maintaining their car to the highest standards.

We specialise in the maintenance and servicing if a wide range of general prestige and performance vehicles ranging anywhere from BMW’s, Nissan GTR’s, Audi’s and Lamborghini’s.

Our well equipped, modern service center is manned by qualified and highly skilled technicians. We have invested heavily in the most advanced purpose built diagnostic equipment which means you can relax in the knowledge and assurance that your pride and joy is being well looked after.

Call John or Lisa on 02 9316 9890 to discuss your vehicle, or book a workshop tour... or visit our JC Auto Group website for more detailed information  JC AUTO GROUP


The JC Bodyshop was established to focus only on body rebuilds, restorations, custom paint and graphics - with no outside smash work.

We are committed to giving you great value without sacrificing quality and this means that customers will receive full time, dedicated panel and spray painters. Jobs will be completed faster and, most importantly, with the attention and precision they deserve.

Our state of the art, brand new facilities, feature all the required equipment for vehicle design enhancement. We also have a team of highly qualified custom painters and body work specialists. Together we can create an eye catching design to achieve a look that will turn heads wherever you go. We also specialise in breathing new life into tired paint and body work.

Each job, whether it is large or small, is very important to us. We make sure your custom finish is done right the first time! So whether the custom bodywork is a bike, race car, hotrod, boat, truck, or even a helmet, be assured that it will be designed and covered with the finest paint and graphics at the JC Bodyshop..

General Service & Fleet Maintenance

JC Racing also has a service devision, called JC Auto Group, and we are the Eastern Suburbs prestige vehicle service and repair specialist, delivering the highest quality of auto service and mechanical repairs to all local and imported vehicles. Our advanced workshop is at the forefront of technology. So, if you're looking for a professional state-of-the-art service center to look after your vehicle, then call us today or visit our JC Auto Group website.

General Service

JC Racing are members of the Motor Trades Association. In 2012 we were announced as a finalists at the MTA awards ceremony for  'Mechanical Repairer of the Year' . You can be are assured you're dealing with the best.

JC Racing’s new car log book servicing, keeping your vehicle in pristine condition and perfect working order is fast, hassle-free, and very competitively priced. We carry out Log Book servicing to meet the manufacturers specific guidelines and are outfitted for dealing with cars of all types, family cars, prestige cars, race cars etc.

We have the top of the range diagnostic machines and tools to ensure we carry out the repairs required to get your car back on he road and running as efficiently as possible. Our general car service is a way of regularly maintaining your vehicle at an extremely competitive price while still being thorough using only quality parts. With every service we carry out a safety check and report on your vehicle, so you have a full understanding on safety requirements and know what condition your car is in.

We take the time to assess and diagnose your vehicle carefully, once we find out the problem we call you straight away and provide you with a quote to carry out the work. We also do not do any work on your vehicle without your final authorisation, so when it comes time for you to pick up your vehicle there are no nasty surprises!

Please feel free to call our office so we can provide you with a quote and give you a detailed description of what is required for the Log Book service you are after.

Fleet Maintenance

Managing your fleet cars is now easier than ever. At JC Racing we understand that fleet businesses have special needs so we can tailor service programs that are both efficient and economical. We can help to control your fleet management costs with fixed price car servicing, fully itemised detailed reporting and the efficiency of central billing. We are also AUVIS accredited examiners for the RTA, so all your registration needs are covered with pink/blue slips and inspections.

All our work is fully guaranteed (including parts and labour) as we are backed by the leading parts distributors of NSW. We also have all the latest repair equipment, a Dyno dynamics Dyno as well as EFI and ECU scanning equipment for late model vehicles.

We currently provide fleet service work for New Zealand based company JUCY Rentals and Prestige Renatl Company Sports Car Rentals. JUCY have a strong fleet of 500 vans, which we proudly keep on the road with high safety standards. We have also provided fleet service work for Schweppes, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Building Civil and Version One Auto Imports - just to name a few! With our proven fleet service experience, we are confident we can cater for all your automotive and fleet service needs.

JC Racing ensures the mechanic who works on your car is current with all the latest computerised diagnostic equipment and repair methods. We also have the latest repair equipment as well as EFI and ECU scanning equipment for late model vehicles.

Our fully qualified mechanics specialise in Tuning, Service work, Breaks, Electrical, Air Conditioning, Steering, Suspension, Wheels & Tyres, Compliance work for all imported vehicles, Blue Slips, Pink Slips and all RTA Inspections, New and Used Car Warranties.

We would like to give you the opportunity to benefit from our experience. Come in and see us… we will outline what we can do for your business with our discounted fleet pricing and scheduling system.

JC Racing is also affiliated with Fleet Care, Custom Fleet with Fleet Card. We can help with proactive maintenance programs to suit your needs.

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